My Mobile Photography

These pages showcase some of my mobile photography images of colorful details, abstracts and type. I like shooting these kind of images when I'm taking a break from my studio work.

Zooming in at random subjects shows the hidden beauty of all sorts of abstracts and details. The secret here is getting as close a possible and taking the picture just before your mobile phone is not able to focus anymore.

Colorful things can be found anywhere. Isolated from their environment shows these things with all their details.

Images of surfaces, walls en repeating patterns that entirely fill your screen.

Looking at details and things you sometimes come across shapes like circles, squares and (when you're really lucky) stars!

Letters, numbers and symbols look at their best when they're getting old and start to show some wear and tear.

If you want to learn to take better pictures with your mobile phone and if you're able to read Dutch, you could go to my niche site which is dedicated to mobile photography. On this site I not only explain the photography rules but also share inspirational tips and teach you how to post-process your mobile photos on your smartphone.

Some of the mobile images in this portfolio have been published on my Instagram account @wijnandloven.